Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's raining It's pouring..... and Thundering Too!

Well hi there everyone! Figured I would post a little today. It's raining right now in Philadelphia. Usually this would be great stitching weather, but it's so dark that it looks like nighttime. My godson graduates 8th grade on Thursday! I'm so proud of him.They have changed so many things from when I was in school. The kids don't have to learn cursive. I think the reasoning for this is because everyone basically does things on the computer or cell phones and they now use abbreviations for words. Some of the math that he has had to do, I don't even remember from when I was in High School. And the projects, oh the projects. He still had I believe 4 or 5 as of two weeks ago. It's crazy Anyway let me get off of my soapbox and get back to what this blog is really about. CROSS STITCHING!!!!!!!! Right now I'm working on a project for my brother, Lizzie Kate's A Brother. Shhhh it's a surprise lol. I still have to do my cousin's Christmas present (yes it's late). I had to write to Dimensions and ask them if they could send me another copy of the pattern for it since I lost the original. Now I just have to wait. I also am finishing up a SS that has to be sent out by July 1st. This is my first time doing a SS and I really hope my person likes what I made. I am also stitching something quick for a friend's birthday this weekend and something for my baby cousin's 4th birthday on Sunday. Busy busy. Luckily next month I can hopefully stitch something for me and maybe start on some Christmas gifts. 

Well that's all for now gotta finish everyones laundry and think of something for dinner. Until tomorrow friends be good.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Well I've redone this blog to hopefully be able to keep track of my stitching and reading and crafting and maybe life in general.